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The Witch Down The Lane

The Witch Down The Lane Tribute Altars

The Witch Down The Lane Tribute Altars

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In tribute to my Tayta Loza who recently passed away, I collaborated with The Witch to create these stunning altar boards featuring white stained jasmine flowers and silver + gold gilded moons in her honour. 

My tayta helped raise me for the first four years of my life before my parents immigrated from Egypt to Canada. I fell in love with jasmine during these early years because the apartments across the street from her balcony had a massive vine that crawled up all along the fence, scenting the wind with the most intoxicating fragrance whenever a breeze blew our way.

I spent a lot of time on that balcony with her, our many pets, and the sun. To me, jasmine will forever symbolize her presence and the unconditional love she showed me.

May her spirit rest easy and be with me always. 

- Nora Salem
Creative Director


Beautifully handcrafted cedar altars made by The Witch herself out of Leduc, AB. Cedar symbolizes longevity, protection, and preservation and is often burned in spaces to cleanse the atmosphere. Cedar is also believed to connect people to the universal energies of the Earth.

Altars come with the moon phases burned in to remind us that each phase of the moon comes with its unique energy and magick. We can work with these unique energies as our own spirit ebbs and flows with the phases.

Use the card space to display your guiding cards of choice, tarot or oracle, along with any other media or trinkets whose energies you work with. 

Large altars are 16" long by 8" wide with tealight holder cutouts on each side.

You can view the selection of other mini altars here

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