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The Bibliosmiaist

The Bibliosmiaist Small Batch Perfume

The Bibliosmiaist Small Batch Perfume

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A great book and a great perfume will do the same thing, just as a book is more than just words, a perfume is more than just smells. They both have the power to create a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.

The perfectly crafted scent can take you to a place you have been hundreds of times, or to places you have never been, to all the places you wish to go.  

This is no different than how the pages of your favourite novels can instantly transport you to different times and places, to create worlds that have never existed. A well written character can make you feel love, hatred, sorrow or desire,  as if they were someone in your everyday life.

The Bibliosmiaist has taken their lifelong love of books and reading, and their passion for perfumes and the story they can tell, and combined them to bring the scents of your favourite books and book characters to life.

They aim to capture the fragrances of your favourite book tropes, bring your favourite paperback personas to life, or help you create your own book worthy scent with a custom perfume for your special event. Their small batch process means that they put the same attention into making every bottle of our perfume that they put into reading every page of their favourite novels. 

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Grumpy Sunshine (OUR STUDIO FAV)
The perfect sunshiney sugary sweetness of your favourite morning cereal that seamlessly blends into the stormy, distant,  and  aloof notes of whiskey, oakmoss, and frankincense. 

Summer of '96
If you could roll the memories of your teenage summers into a scent this would be it. A playful blend of juicy bubblegum, plump grape, and herbal anise are highlighted by violet, lilac, rose, and jasmine. Long summer days in the warm sunshine give subtle notes of  lemon with hints of fresh cut grass, and green tea. Adding the depth to this coming of age story is a hypnotic heart of fresh Cannabis Sativa accented with notes of clove buds, charred hemp and rich earthy patchouli. 

Inspired by Lady Sunshine by Amy Mason Doan

Little Lamb 
A clean lavender breeze that floats across the rolling green hills of your imagination and leaves you craving more. 

Inspired by Poppy Danforth in Sierra Simone’s book Priest

Main Character Energy
Smell like the center of attention, make heads turn whenever you walk in a room. Dripping with sweet notes of plum, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and strawberries. These jammy berries are balanced with dry oak wood and vanilla bean, neroli, and bergamot,  just like a rich, full bodied cabernet, this one is guaranteed to get attention.

The Unsung Hero 
Understated and often overlooked but never to be underestimated. An intriguing blend of silver spruce, white fir, pine balsam and cedarwood that is perfectly sweetened with peach nectar. You can feel the true depth of this character with its additional notes of black pepper, oud and incense  which are brightened with hints of lavender and berries. 

Weekend Reading
Get your cozy sweater and your favourite mug to go alongside this scent reminiscent of a weekend tucked in at the cabin reading. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee spills into this intoxicating, rich fragrance with gourmet top notes of cherrywood, raspberry, vanilla followed by notes of patchouli, spruce, oak and cedar and leaving you with a finish of sweet amber, balsam and sandalwood, and tobacco.

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