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Holiday Solidarity Workshops

Holiday Solidarity Workshops

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Calling the heartbroken, the disillusioned, the sacredly enraged. Calling the soul-centred, the changemakers, the movers and shakers.

If you’ve been struggling with all that’s come to the surface as we witness a purge of corruption & inhumanity through an onslaught of horrific world events, these workshops are for you.

Every fibre in my being believes we’re being awakened to the devastating realities of our present day and the political systems that perpetually harm us on a global scale. This awakening is meant to propel us into an era of banding together so we can build a better future. But before we can do that, we first have to find our people. Build our communities. Because the answers to our collective feelings of helplessness and our profound desire for change will not be found in isolation.

Through solidarity we can support one another, rediscover ourselves, and realign with our purpose.

Creativity is such a powerful healing modality at all times, and even more so in times of grief. It allows us to express the incomprehensible and work through complex emotions that we often tend to stagnate in on our own.

The act of creation can be used to process these stagnated emotions, get them moving again, and in turn get us moving from a more whole, more empowered place.

These workshop offerings are meant to provide you with the basic materials and technical instruction to create something raw in a safe space of likeminded individuals. Freedom of expression is encouraged with guidance provided as needed.

These sessions are not about achieving any specific standards, but rather, transmuting and transforming our inner worlds through creativity so that we can show up for our external world the way it needs us to.

If this resonates, I invite you to join me in the BUD + BLOOM studio to come together, fall apart, and reclaim our power through the beauty of community and creation.

With love and gratitude,

Nora Salem
Studio Owner & Creative Director

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