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Floriography Bouquet Subscription

Floriography Bouquet Subscription

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The language of flowers, otherwise known as Floriography, was developed during the Victorian era when flirting and open displays of emotions were considered acts of bad decorum. 

As human beings, we are naturally flirtatious and emotional beings so this only led the Victorians to become more creative with their expressions, saying what they couldn't through blooms instead. 

I am so excited to bring this fabulous, albeit seriously repressed, art form back into modern day society. Because, let's be real, while we've certainly gotten (a little) better at embracing and communicating the depths of our emotional worlds, we still struggle to see the beauty in each and every feeling we encounter. 

With this subscription, you'll receive a Victorian inspired bouquet with seasonal local flowers when they're available, and ethically sourced imported flowers when they're not. Local farmers I support include:

You'll also receive an email with the overall message of the bouquet (entire sentences used to be created using a combination of flowers!) as well as a little background on each bloom that's been used in the design.

Pickup days at the Kingsway Mall studio are the following:

Monthly Subscribers: The second Wednesday of each month from 10am-6pm.

Bi-Weekly Subscribers: Every second Wednesday from 10am-6pm.

Reminders will be sent the day before so you don't have to worry about missing a pickup!

Full accessibility like rescheduling, cancelling, and adding on products is available for all subscribers. Subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled. Please give ample time if you plan on cancelling as your fresh flowers are bought in advance.

Subscription deadline for November 9th pickup is November 1st.

Looking forward to sharing this special language with you!

All my love, 
Nora Salem
Creative Director

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